Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Death of the Cubicle

Rethinking Form and Function in a Changing Work Environment

Bradys imageAn effective, cost-efficient work environment is an essential consideration for most businesses. So it’s no surprise cubicle workstations have dominated office design for decades.
Yet imagine entering an office where cubicles never really caught on. Maybe they were tried in the early 1960s and deemed unsuitable for the needs of the employees. Or perhaps in the very recent past, those working in these ice-cube tray environments had rebelled, forcing the designer, project managers, and client leaders to heed the call of “enough is enough.”
Imagination aside, with the increasing popularity of mobile devices enabling employees to work efficiently offsite, are cubicles becoming obsolete for most businesses anyway?

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Plane Parts Reborn As Furniture

Vintage plane parts destined for the scrap heap have been given a new lease of life and are being transformed into beds, chairs, and desks. 
Californian company Motoart spends hours transforming wings, doors and engine cowls into stylish furniture. 
Many of the parts require more than 100 hours of cutting, grounding, buffing and polishing before they are ready to buy.